Author Checklists

Fillable ARRIVE 2.0 checklists allow researchers to indicate the specific sections of a manuscript that contain information relating to each item of the guidelines.

Some journals request that authors submit a completed ARRIVE checklist with their manuscript. This helps rapidly identify when crucial information is missing from a manuscript. This benefits authors but also editors, journal staff and reviewers. 

To tailor specific journal requirements, checklists are available for the ARRIVE Essential 10 and for the full ARRIVE guidelines.

NOTE: Please ensure that you save the PDF locally on your machine before you fill in the table, DO NOT work on the file within your internet browser as the changes will not be saved. Completion of the checklist using of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available as a free download) is recommended. If you experience any issues with these checklists, please report these to 

The ARRIVE Essential 10 constitute the minimum requirements for reporting animal research and include information allowing reviewers and readers to assess the reliability of the findings. Focusing on the Essential 10 in priority better allows journal staff, editors and reviewers to verify that the items have been adequately reported in manuscripts.
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This checklist includes the ARRIVE Essential 10 and the Recommended Set. The Recommended Set complements the Essential 10 and adds important context to the study described. Reporting this information is considered best practice.
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An example of a manuscript using a checklist designed for the original ARRIVE guidelines (published in 2010) can be found here.