The ARRIVE guidelines 2.0

This section of the website provides detailed explanations about each item of the guidelines. Use the left-hand side menu to navigate to each item. The guidelines in their entirety can also be downloaded as a PDF, in English or a variety of translations

To facilitate a step-wise approach to improving reporting, the guidelines are organised into two prioritised sets: 

ARRIVE Essential 10

These ten items are the basic minimum that must be included in any manuscript describing animal research. Without this information readers and reviewers cannot assess the reliability of the findings.

Recommended Set

These items complement the Essential 10 set and add important context to the study described. Reporting the items in both sets represents best practice.

Each item of the guidelines includes examples of good reporting from the published literature, extracted from different types of studies, in model organisms ranging from mammals to invertebrates. This battery of examples will be regularly expanded.

Consulting this information during the planning of an animal study ensures that researchers can benefit from the explanations and advice on experimental design, minimisation of bias, sample size and statistical analyses, helping the design of rigorous and reliable in vivo experiments.

The Explanation and Elaboration for the ARRIVE guidelines 2.0 were originally published in PLOS Biology doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.3000411 under a CC-BY license.