Compliance Questionnaire

Designed for use by journals assessing manuscripts submitted for publication, this questionnaire allows for streamlined evaluation of how well a manuscript complies with the ARRIVE Essential 10.

The questionnaire consists of operationalised questions based on the items of the ARRIVE Essential 10, and can be completed by journal staff, editors or peer reviewers.

At journals' discretion, the completed questionnaire can be provided to manuscript authors alongside peer review or other editorial feedback, to highlight any ARRIVE Essential 10 items with which a manuscript does not comply. This provides an easy way for journals to include ARRIVE checks and feedback in their publication workflows, without the need to either develop in-house ARRIVE evaluation processes, or dedicate additional time to providing authors with their analysis of manuscripts’ ARRIVE compliance.


NOTE: Please ensure that you save the PDF locally on your machine before completing, DO NOT work on the file within your internet browser as the changes will not be saved. Completion of the questionnaire using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available as a free download) is recommended. If you experience any issues with the questionnaire, please report them to