Request pocket-sized ARRIVE guidelines

Pocket-sized versions of the ARRIVE guidelines are available, free of charge, to any researchers or organisations interested in using them. This handy, compact format allows for quick reference to the guidelines in a scientific setting and easy dissemination of them among research groups or institutions. 

In the interest of sustainability, the minimum order volume for postage is five copies. To promote scientific collaboration, please consult with colleagues and collaborators before ordering, and share any spare copies with other researchers. English language and translated PDFs are also available to download from our resources and translation pages.


To request physical copies (in English only) please complete the form below and click submit. 

The NC3Rs collects the information requested in the form above for the purposes of distributing pocket-sized ARRIVE guidelines. All personally-identifying information will be deleted immediately after the pocket-sized guidelines are posted, or two months after last contact if the request cannot be fulfilled. No information will be shared with any external individuals or bodies.