Essential 10

3. Inclusion and exclusion criteria For each experimental group, report any animals, experimental units, or data points not included in the analysis and explain why. If there were no exclusions, state so. examples


Example 1

“Pen was the experimental unit for all data. One entire pen (ZnAA90) was removed as an outlier from both Pre-RAC and RAC periods for poor performance caused by illness unrelated to treatment...Outliers were determined using Cook’s D statistic and removed if Cook’s D > 0.5. One steer was determined to be an outlier for day 48 liver biopsy TM and data were removed.” [1] 

Example 2

“Seventy-two SHRs were randomized into the study, of which 13 did not meet our inclusion and exclusion criteria because the drop in cerebral blood flow at occlusion did not reach 60% (seven animals), postoperative death (one animal: autopsy unable to identify the cause of death), haemorrhage during thread insertion (one animal), and disconnection of the silicon tip of the thread during withdrawal, making the permanence of reperfusion uncertain (four animals). A total of 59 animals were therefore included in the analysis of infarct volume in this study. In error, three animals were sacrificed before their final assessment of neurobehavioral score: one from the normothermia/water group and two from the hypothermia/pethidine group. These errors occurred blinded to treatment group allocation. A total of 56 animals were therefore included in the analysis of neurobehavioral score.” [2]  

Example 3

Baseline assesment with CMR and Echo[3]

“Flow chart showing the experimental protocol with the number of animals used, died and included in the study…After baseline CMR and echocardiography, MI was induced by left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery ligation (n = 48), as previously described. As control of surgery procedure, sham operated mice underwent thoracotomy and pericardiotomy without coronary artery ligation (n = 12).” [3]

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